Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. A Person will get an online education package of worth Rs. 600 with GST (Included).

2. An independent distributor is a commission agent and not the employee of the Company and he will get commission according to his / her work. He/she is not Liable for any salary.

3. He / she must be 18+ years of age to register in company.

4. Task income is an Ad revenue share income which is dependent on third Party online advertising companies. It can be more or less in a given period and depends on their policies. This Income will be distributed according to revenue generation. If in any case company did not get any Income from ad revenue generation then company is not liable distribute it. Revenue sharing percentage for distribution of this income is 75%, which can be revised at any time by the company.

5. Cash Transactions are not applicable.

6. Multiple Registrations are not allowed. One Registration is allowed on single KYC.

7. There is no time limit to get any position (Royalty, Rank and Any Level etc.).

8. Payments will be released Via NEFT / IMPS through bank.

9. Payment withdrawal can be requested on Sunday Only.

10. After payment withdrawal request, your payments may be transferred till next Wednesday.

11. We will not be responsible for delay in payments in case of wrong details of your Bank.

12. Company will Reserve all The Right to modify the Terms and Conditions, Products, Plans, Business Policies with or without giving any Prior notice on our website www.ybdpl.com and it will be binding to all the Distributors and Members.

13. 5% TDS will be charged on commissions. (Without Pan Card withdrawal will not be possible)

14. Further these terms and conditions are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Courts of Greater Noida (U.P.) only.